Trigger Warning

This art project contains aspects of psychology and mental health and contains depictions of self-harm, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and suicide. If such elements cause you any negative associations, I would ask you not to contemplate this project. Take care of yourself.

Cutting. I'm not sure why I broke my streak of 8 months of no cutting but I don't feel any different, nor pain. I don't know whats wrong me. Help?
The reason I use to cut is I couldn't point to a part on my body and say it hurts here. It made me feel better at the time but it wasn't a real solution. You are in pain Broski. If that was me I would think that I had maybe an extra bad day/night and tried to fall back on old habits.

What is this?

The ratings of the second person's statements come from a labeled data set from a scientific paper1 from 2020. It contains over 3000 statements from Reddit forums in which people can express themselves regarding their mental problems. The idea of the data set is to train your own AI bots to improve empathic statements. The ratings (0 = No Empathy, 1 = Weak Empathy, 2 = Strong Empathy) were created by so-called crowdworkers.

1Sharma, Ashish, et al. "A computational approach to understanding empathy expressed in text-based mental health support." arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.08441 (2020).