Winter Semester

Graduation level





We were represented at the DIS in Copenhagen with a poster. The paper can be found here.



Our interaction with technology seems to be paradoxical [4], a reason to dedicate ourselves to the topic of well-being in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

What makes you happy?

What makes everybody happy?

Are there different concepts of happiness?

Hedonia [5]

Hedonia [5]

Seeking for pleasure, relaxation, and comfort.

Eudaimonia [5]

Eudaimonia [5]

Seeking For Authenticity, Excellence, Meaning, Growth.

How can technology promote eudaimonic well-being?


Course Description

+ Conduct an empirical study in interaction design

+ Gain an understanding of a highly relevant problem/paradox, what (good) technology should be / is / is not (600+ slides)

+ Interdisciplinary perspective on computer science and thus your future work

+ Understanding of well-being concepts in technology

+ How to build systems respecting individuals & profound human needs

+ Measure your technology‘s impact on people

+ Understanding research work, contributing and publishing your work


derived from [1,2]

Further contents


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