Winter Semester 2024/25

Graduation level




background video by enfantnocta

Course Description

A selected extract of the contents:

  • Acquisition of knowledge about professional, scientific work (development of a state of the art, writing processes, reviewer processes, structuring your work, conference selection, presentation behaviour)
  • Acquisition of knowledge for scientific analysis, conducting experiments in computer science
  • Acquisition of knowledge of eudaimonic and hedonic development principles and measuring instruments
  • Acquisition of knowledge of ethical interaction design, proactive computing and existing (ethical) problems in connection with system design and AI


  • Knowledge for the organization of scientific projects related to human-computer interaction
  • Understanding of scientific writing
  • Ability to evaluate scientific papers
  • Knowledge base for ethical issues in interface design
  • Well-Being focused system development
  • Knowledge base for existing problems (e.g. dark patterns)

Further contents